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The Dreaming Goat

This illustration is one of the my illustration series called “circus”. There are many animals in the circus, such as tigers, elephants and owls; however, there are no humans involved in this circus. Also, there are no normal animals here because the circus is a little bit strange and creepy. They are spirits of animals which had been abused by human in their lifetime. The goat was a member of the circus as well.

The goat, which is before becoming this shape, was kept in another circus that works with humans. The goat was kept for carrying-off human baggage by humans, and also goat's milk was helpful for human food. Comparatively, the goat had a good relationship with the human in the circus. The goat has big horns, so they are easy to knock humans down. However, humans have a whip, so the goats decided to obey humans. However, sometimes the goats have a terrible experience. The female goats were forced to breed. Also, there were the goats which were eaten by human, when human exhaust their food sources. The goat's fur called cashmere is sold expensive at human's market. Humans pluck the goat's fur for money. It was a terrible way. Human tie the goat horns and legs tight and they plucked the goats fur using big comb. There were goats that got injured and paralyzed.

One day, the goats saw a ballet dancer. It was wonderful. The goats never thought before that the disgusting human is beautiful. They were excited to see the ballet dancer to forget about the time. The goats think about if all humans were ballet dancers, it would be lovely. The goats decided to perform on the circus stage as a ballet dancer. The goats still need to practice a lot, but the goats were excited every day.





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