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The Teatime of the Owl

There are no humans involved in this circus. Also, there are no normal animals here because the circus is a little bit strange and creepy. They are spirits of animals which had been abused by human in their lifetime. At night, the circus appears out of nowhere yet mysteriously and performs a show every night. Nobody knows where to get tickets and when they will appear; but strangely enough the audience is packed every night. An owl is working hard as a leader of the circus tonight as well.

The owl was member of another circus which was run by humans. The owl was always next to the human leader of the circus. The owl was his favorite because the owl was very smart. The owl watched the leader’s work next to him all day. The owl knew that only he was given good treatment, but he could do nothing. Actually, he wanted him to treat all animals as well as the owl and stop racism. The owl was heartbroken over the abuse. The animals talked to the owl about it. The owl cries every night because his heart hurts due to powerless against humans. At first, the owl was not going to help the creepy circus because he was exhausted. However, he was requested by many animals to be their leader of the circus.

The intelligent and knowledgeable owl works as the leader of the creepy animal circus now. He always drinks a cup of tea which was drunk by the previous leader. The afternoon teatime makes the owl relax. It is important to the busy leader.





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